Pros, amateurs, active workers, OG, OB are working with the same purpose with the purpose of collecting, making, selling, riding, using, transmitting and supporting people gathering "Create a cool and cool motocross culture".

Japan Women's Racing is engaged in activities specialized in female rider motocross racing.
Fight your goal with a dream! !
To achieve the goal, 90% is a painful series of things.
We will provide support for riders to enjoy the remaining 10% fun.

I would like to share the scenery we see when the riders achieve their goals.

The concept is the world standard women's motocross.
We are setting the goal of activity as a professionalization of female riders, improvement of the environment to aim the world, improvement of status, increase of female riders.

We support end users and top riders.
I support my best ladies rider.

We will create personalized environments from our own activities and offer proposals that are irritating to riders.

We will support female riders through motocross racing! !

We support racing riders from kids to adults.

We propose racing contents to be transmitted by female riders.
Currently we support experiential events, riding schools and race activities.

Aiming to become a world-class rider.

To participate in World Championship WMX.
To not only participate but also to leave results.
Tell that matter to juniors.

We value the process to achieve and aim for the world.