Champion Masaru Haruna who is winning the all-Japan championship three consecutive times, "Camp Haruna" who produced himself
Unfortunately I could not get on with injury, but I talked a lot and smiled and communicated!
Mr. Masuyuki Hayato, who supported the international A class Hoshino dominant player, Kenji Tomita, Yoshiaki Iida "I enjoyed!" And gave me impressions.
Everyone of the riders who join the fun staff will have a fun smile!
A lot of really nice smiles! Camp Haruna was overflowing! !

First from Haruna Meeting.
From Masu Haruna to answer your concerns you had asked in advance.
Front rows are pretty much kids! Your eyes are shining! !
Camp Haruna will repeat the 3 times of Haruna meetings and 4 runs and alternately perform lectures and actual runs.
It is a complete Q & A camp system.

MOTROMAN 's team practice is as good!
Each rider will repeat practice aiming to improve skill with reference to the sample of International Class A rider.
It is not an all-Japanese course, it is held at the course where participating riders are driving on a daily basis so it is easy to understand their own faults!

Kitchen Haruna Opening Hours: Saturday, August 13, 2011 12: 00-13: 45 It is only open today. Lol
Manager Hiruna (center) Staff leader From this year Mottroman Kenbo (right) Staff national championship Arata (left)

Today's lunch menu ~ Buffet style!

@ Salt fried noodles ※ Salt fried noodles in summer! !
@ Source yakisoba ※ Mottroman PTA's loving plenty! !
@ Haruna salad * Vegetables are necessary for riders.
@ Cucumber Salad ※ Cucumber Adjustment! Freshly chopsticks progressed! !
@ French bread directed by Kenji Sato ※ Director Kenji is definitely on the menu with a meeting! Aspire to the manager! ! Fashionable! !
@ VissiSoise * Cold soup of potato It looks like French food! Perfect for the summer! !

Event The first menu is! CRF 100 Team Counter Relay! ! !
Hoshino Team · Tomita Team · Iida Team.
Here's a legendary word laugh
Here is the official question from the Iida team's top batter Big Oki
"Can I cut the course?"
All the same roar.
Have you thought that you can not win against the seniors who are practicing on a regular basis?

The winner is Hoshino 's team of men who is outstanding this season!
Gutsuri! I broke up! ! Hoshino This is the first victory this season! ! (Let's all cheer for All Japan!) Anchor is a leader International Class A showdown of each team!
Ikemen comedy rider Iida fascinated me! Lol
Ikemen Youth Youth Tomita hold down the bike together! !
Ideally Iida would have indicated to his younger brother Oki his behavior by saying "Do whatever you can do to here!" Lol

The final event that also celebrates the closing ceremony is "Handmade Haruna Cake" and a scissors tournament while eating watermelon dessert!

Operation JWR
Special sponsorship MOTROMAN Wheel Matsuura Speed Shop Kubo KN FACTORY DIRT SPORTS NAGIXS FILMS Parts Studio AND
Date held Saturday, August 13, 2011
Venue Yatabe Enjoy Sports Land